In the Kitchen: Lemon Chicken

After a long week and lots of dinners out, I was really longing for some home cooking. I tuned in to one of my favorite cooking shows for inspiration, Barefoot Contessa. Who doesn't love Ina? In my house she is overly admired, particularly by Mike. She can do no wrong. Yesterday morning she was cooking … Continue reading In the Kitchen: Lemon Chicken


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"Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants," is Michael Pollan's very simple but rather remarkable and challenging philosophy about eating in America. Pollan, author of several books and articles on the matter of food philosophy and politics, cuts right to the point. He argues that the western diet is ruining our health, particularly all the … Continue reading Food


Someone I know, made a comment after health care reform passed. He said something along the lines of, health care does not mean wellness. Good point. While there is reason to rejoice about the reform, there's still so much to consider and practice when it comes to good health. I do not embrace wellness like … Continue reading Wellness