Free Excel Budget Tracker

Free Budget Tracker

The new year is always a great time to start a budget or get your existing budget into shape. If you’re anything like me, the excess and chaos of the holidays makes me want to simplify, spend less money, and try to get a handle on everything. Having a solid budget and a solid budget tracker helps me get back on track.

I’ve been using this particular one for several years now. I stumbled upon a version of the “monthly expenses” and then I modified it and turned it into a month-by-month tracker that has all sorts of Excel math magic already built in. Other features include:

  • Formatted to show you the entire year at a glance
  • Completely flexible if things change
  • Month-to-month expenses tracking. There’s a tab for each month where you can add everything from Starbucks to Kindle books, groceries and gas. Whatever you want to track. All expenses are then deducted from the monthly deposit total. The Excel formulas are already built in, so all you have to do is enter your expenses.
  • Off budget expenses tracking for those things that don’t fit your normal budget categories. For example, I don’t exactly budget for charitable contributions like I do for groceries, but I make them every now and again. This tracker allows for that.
  • Savings tracking, including an optional column on expenses for automatic savings transfers. My checking account is set up that every time I use my check card $3 is automatically transferred to my savings account.
  • Automatic balance calculation. At the beginning of every month I input all of my bills, as well as any purchases I know that I will have to make. Right away, I can see what I’m working with for the rest of month and how much I can spend on groceries, gas, etc. Then as I add in expenses, I can see how much I have left. This should probably be the first feature that I list, because this is probably it’s most valuable feature.

I hope this can be helpful to you. It sure has been for me.

Free Excel Budget Tracker


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