Keep Me Honest

Long time no blog! It’s been a crazy two years! It’s been a productive few years too. Since my last blog, I’ve worked on a campaign and started law school. I also did quit smoking (yay!) and lost and kept off about 20 pounds. I’ve been doing the dishes and trying to stay organized. Despite these adult changes I’ve made to my life, I am having a hard time sticking to my good habits now that I’m back in school. For one, I have been sick for about three weeks now, meaning I haven’t gone to the gym in ages. Second, I’m geting those spring semester habits I had in undergrad where I slack off more with more sunshine. Third, my procrastination is at pretty much an all time high! So, I think I need this blog to keep me honest- and organized. I’d like to just map out a few goals I have, and the type of stuff I’d like to talk about on here.

Self health/personal

Below, I talk about about making time for domestic bliss. In general though, I need to find a better balance between being in law school and having a life outside of the law school. It’s important to keep hobbies, keep healthy, and be happy. These are my goals for that.

  • Exercise- pretty much a given. I’ve only worked out 3 times this year. Frankly, it’s not just about weight or health, it’s really about mental health too. It’s such a great stress relief and I feel so much better after going to the gym. Once I get over this cold, I want to go on a major health kick and really focus on my fitness.
  • Eating- As I say below, I eat out now all the time! This is bad on my wallet and my health. I need to eat healthier. More salads- less jimmy johns.
  • Wallet- I had a BAD month of spending. I went over budget and I am definitely paying the price now. Because I get a lump sum of money and give it to my self in monthly installments, if I spend all of my allotment I refuse to give myself money out of the next month’s allotment (I’m glad I’ve stuck to this habit). This was my first month since starting school of spending my monthly installment fully. That said, I have got to cool it with spending. Mostly, stop buying clothes all the time. Find other things that make me feel happy (like exercise) other than buying shoes. It seems silly, but it’s probably my biggest problem right now. I’m actually a shopoholic. Since starting school, it’s unfortunately (but also kind of fortunately because now I have a great wardrobe!) been my main stress release. When I’m shopping, I feel so incredibly happy. Everything is right in the world. I forget about my problems. This may be good for Urban Outfitters- but it’s so bad for my wallet! I live on a fixed income! I cannot afford to be doing this! So yes, big goal- reign in the spending.


  • Cooking! I was so good about cooking last semester and last year! Now my cooking only consists on frozen pizza. Johnny and I made a goal of deciding on cooking one thing special per week and doing it.
  • Cleaning- no, I am not the cleanest person. Johnny and I are trying to weekly clean up our house.
  • Making time for domestic bliss- Being in law school is about an 80-hour per week job, but you have to find balance. I’d like to get more domesticated- like buster!

Law School

Me - the law school student

Being back in school as an adult is weird and very nerve wracking. I love it though! One of the things I’ve loved is that I am so much more committed to school than I used to be. I really do work as hard as I can, which is pretty much necessary in law school. I’m proud of what I’ve been able to achieve so far. I got pretty decent grades last semester, and I actually won a Scholastic Excellence Award. This only happened because of hours on end of studying and going the extra mile in all of my classes. This semester, however, I’ve began slacking off. Here are my specific goals for this semester:

  • Outlining early- Every law student can tell you of the horror and necessity of outlining, and doing it early. Last semester I got most of my outlining done in the few weeks leading up to reading week and during reading week. It was such a relief to get it done before finals time. This semester, my goal is to start outlining in March.
  • Doing Hypothetical Questions Early- Hypos are the key to law school. Last semester, I dedicated at least two days of my studying for each final to doing practice problems. This was extremely helpful, and made the exam taking experience a lot less stressful. This semester, I’d like to begin doing hypotheticals early so I don’t get rusty by final exam time.
  • Procrastination- The big one. I procrastinate so much. In fact, I began writing this blog because I didn’t want to start my sunday homework.
  • Organization- I’ve had a harder time staying organized this semester, which is not good. I need write everything in my calendar and make check lists.
  • Skipping class- I’ve now missed Torts and Property each twice. That means I pretty much cannot miss them again. I didn’t have a good excuse to miss them. They were undergrad me absences for sure. I know I don’t miss as often as other students, but I really don’t want to miss any more classes.

So I will try to keep you up to date with these goals. As for my day today, it will/must be productive. I’ve got reading to do (what’s new?) and I need to polish up my scholarship applications. See you on the more productive side of life, and thanks for reading!


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