Old and New: Peach Pie and Grilled Pizza

This weekend I wanted to try some new things in the kitchen, like the lemon chicken yesterday and the grilled pizza today. I also wanted to make a peach pie, which isn’t new for me but always sounds so good this time of year.

Whenever I think or hear about grilled pizza, I’m always intrigued. I once had it a friend’s party and it was excellent, but I’ve never had a lot of luck after that. You can buy pizzas to grill at target, and those just ended up burned. It takes quite a magic touch. I had forgotten about my desire for grilled pizza until I stumbled upon this recipe on Mel’s Kitchen Cafe. In this recipe you make your own dough and sauce and this intrigued me. She also provides fantastic step-by-step instructions.

I am such a novice at making dough, dealing with yeast, and the like that it took me a bit to make my batch, but I did do it successfully. The sauce was super easy and perfect for pizza. Then I made browned and crumbled some sweet italian sausage and used pepperoni for toppings.

The actual art of rolling out the dough and getting in the grill went only okay, and after the fact we agreed that it would have been better to make smaller pizzas that were thinner. All-in-all they were tasty and not terribly hard to make.

Grilled Pizza | The Simple Sisters

Check out the recipe on Mel’s Kitchen Cafe.

In the midst of all this, I threw together a peach pie, and I’ve got to tell you that it turned out perfect. The peaches were mixed, with some that were more ripe than others so the filling is scrumptious. I highly recommend this easy and delicious pie that anyone can make.

Peach Pie | The Simple Sisters

One thought on “Old and New: Peach Pie and Grilled Pizza

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