In the Kitchen: Lemon Chicken

After a long week and lots of dinners out, I was really longing for some home cooking. I tuned in to one of my favorite cooking shows for inspiration, Barefoot Contessa. Who doesn’t love Ina? In my house she is overly admired, particularly by Mike. She can do no wrong. Yesterday morning she was cooking something very simple (for her), lemon chicken. It looked so divine! So, I added her recipe to the day’s menu. And here’s how it turned out.

I followed Ina Garten’s recipe for Lemon Chicken Breasts, and I didn’t make any adjustments, except I didn’t have skin on boneless breasts and I brushed on some of the marinade over the top of the breasts, where she only did olive oil.

The marinade/sauce was really quite easy to make and the smell made us salivate. Thankfully I had some wine I had been saving that was perfect for it. There aren’t a lot of ingredients and it’s relatively simple to put together. I think if you don’t have fresh thyme, you could easily use dried.

Lemon Chicken | The Simple Sisters

One thing I forgot, but thankfully remembered right after I put it in the oven was cutting a lemon in eights and tucking them between the breasts.

The chicken cooked flawlessly in about 40 minutes and was nice and juicy. Some lemon chicken dishes I’ve tried are kind of flavorless, this one was definitely not. You’ve got to love garlic to make this dish!

I served it with some chicken rice and steamed green beans, like Ina.

Lemon Chicken | The Simple Sisters

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