Old and New: Peach Pie and Grilled Pizza

This weekend I wanted to try some new things in the kitchen, like the lemon chicken yesterday and the grilled pizza today. I also wanted to make a peach pie, which isn't new for me but always sounds so good this time of year. Whenever I think or hear about grilled pizza, I'm always intrigued. … Continue reading Old and New: Peach Pie and Grilled Pizza


In the Kitchen: Lemon Chicken

After a long week and lots of dinners out, I was really longing for some home cooking. I tuned in to one of my favorite cooking shows for inspiration, Barefoot Contessa. Who doesn't love Ina? In my house she is overly admired, particularly by Mike. She can do no wrong. Yesterday morning she was cooking … Continue reading In the Kitchen: Lemon Chicken