Pantry Organization

So with all the stocking up I’ve been doing by way of shopping with coupons, I’m already finding the need to be much more organized in the kitchen. If you don’t stay on top of it, you can have a real cluttered mess on your hands. I’d read on a few coupon blogs that over the door shoe organizers work really well in the pantry, so I found one that was suitable and I’ve already put it to good use.

Day 30 - Recruits

The best part about it is not the space it freed up, but the ability to see what is in the pockets and grab it easily. One thing I hate is not eating the food that I do buy, so this helps curb that problem. Since I did this we’ve already had popcorn, which was stashed in the back of the pantry and we’ve been eating the Weight Watchers carrot cakes that I bought with coupons.

I also put the kid’s snacks in there at a height where they can reach them and their cups. This allowed me to repurpose the pink plastic bin that used to hold their snacks and sat awkwardly on top of the cat food bin. I’m now using the pink bin to hold all my baking items like cupcake liners, sprinkles, and cake decorators.

Some other good uses for a shoe organizer:

  • Scrapbook materials and crafts (thanks for the tip Jen!)
  • Bathroom accessories and beauty supplies like hair and make up brushes, lotions
  • Mail and bills
  • Tools and garage type stuff

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