De-clutter challenge finale!

Well I did my part to have a little less clutter hanging around the house, and with only a few minutes to spare. My goal was to get rid of 100 things in the month of February, and I did just that (even more) by February 28.

First, I got rid of things from my entertainment center, as you may have seen in a previous post.

Then cleaned out my closet and found about 25 things.

February 2010

And then I hit the jackpot in my bathroom, where I was easily able to find over 60 things to toss out. I have one of those two drawer plastic bins in one of my bathroom cabinets, you know, to keep things “organized.” Turns out, it was more like a prison for lotions, hair products, and tons of other crap that I never ever use, and are way past their expiration date, if they have one.

February 2010

The life of a girl. I love the old Sonic Care. It looks so old compared to the one I use today.

So I was able to donate two bags of stuff to the ARC and throw out third.

February 2010

It’s not much, but it’s a small dent. I think I might try to do this again a couple of months from now.

If you played along, how did you do?

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