HGTV Therapy

So this week has not been my best. Work was heavy, and I spent three nights this week on the computer doing design work. Let’s just say that my household suffered. Dishes piled up, the coffee table got junked up with stuff, the carpets need some serious vacuuming, and the cat box….well lets not go there.

So I wake up this morning, feeling hungover from the Olympic Opening Ceremony and late night chatting with some friends. I stumble out of bed, get dressed and cleaned up, and I come down stairs to assess the damage. It looks way worse in the daylight. Which is sort of a sad statement in it’s own right. I haven’t seem my home in the daylight since last Sunday.

I am so tempted to get into my big chair and ignore it all, but I know that just won’t cut it and I’ll be miserable. So I did what I tend to do when this happens. I turned it over to HGTV to be inspired!

HGTV on Saturday mornings is all about home improvement, which is perfect for me. I need to see other people up and active to make their homes a better place to live in (or sell as the case may be for some programs). So I subject myself (such a terrible thing, ;-)) to watching as much HGTV as I can on Saturdays to get me going. Everyone in my house is the better for it!

Now I could write a whole other post about the other kind of therapy I get from HGTV, but I’ll just say that watching all those episodes of House Hunters and Property Virgins, makes me get serious about my financial situation so I can one day buy my own place too.

Thanks HGTV!

One thought on “HGTV Therapy

  1. Hey Ro! Thank you again for helping me get “off the ground” with all of this technical stuff I am only now coming to appreciate. I got my own laptop last night so I’m feeling good about that. Happy Vday.

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