getting back on the horse

I was in Pueblo this week which was greatly relaxing and nice, however, not good on the ‘ol diet. As mostly everyone in the world knows- it’s hard to stay on a diet for longer than a week- well for me longer than a week. Most people probably have more staying power. Pueblo is like diet kyrptanite, filled with local restaurants that do not even come on the website I’ve been using to track my diet progress. Not to mention, the food is delicious. Best food place- no joke. And it’s fattening. So needless to say. my diet was a little blown this week. I also didn’t work out on Thursday or Friday (while I was in pueblo).

The key, in my opinion, to actually obtaining my goals is to not just give up when my diet is blown a little bit, or when I skip a work out or whatever else I’m making progress with. I think it’s my nature to be like “Well I already blew that, time to just go back to the way things were”. So today, I am getting back on the horse or whatever the analogy is for continuing my health regiment despite my minor fails. It will be hard now that I’ve had a taste of the easy life .

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