Overcoming the guilt

One of my fears when we decided to start this blog was that I would feel guilty for not always working in life improvement mode. This was a big issue for me, because that is usually how I tend to fail. So I had to decide if I could go forward with a project like this at all.

I decided that yes, this project would be great, and that by doing it  I couldn’t make myself feel bad if I took a day off, or two, or three. The changes that I’m making through this process are supposed to stick and I believe that they will, but I can’t always be working toward my goals. I’ve got to have a break, and this weekend I did just that.

Instead of working toward huge goals, I went into maintenance mode, which is key to make these good habits stick. So while I did plenty of lounging around, I also kept my kitchen clean and I did laundry. I even cleaned out my pajama drawers (while putting away clean pajamas) to add to my give away box. The beautiful thing about this was that it was easy to do. I obviously see the connection between keeping clean and organized all week long and how easy it is to clean up on the weekend. No need for the huge marathon cleaning session.

So yeah, I have no guilt about lounging this weekend. It felt great and was so necessary after a long week!

Confession time though — Of course I didn’t just sit around and watch TV. I’ve always got to have something going on at the same time, so I created a new photography watermark for my pictures, new export settings for LightRoom and new action sets for Photoshop. If I could only really relax, that would be awesome.

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