Vision Boards

Almost two years ago I learned about vision boards from my friend Amanda. Very simple concept and exercise with the potential for a huge life impact.

Here’s the idea: create vision boards, however you see fit that represent your ideal life and your ideal world. Your vision boards will activate the law of attraction, as theorized in books and concepts like The Secret.

When I decided to make my own vision boards, I sat and meditated on what I wanted for myself, my surroundings, and our world. It just flowed right out. Then I went through my magazines and cut out images, words, and phrases that matched up with those desires.

I created four boards.

1. Self, body, love
2. Home, lifestyle
3. Wealth, career
4. World, community

And placed them strategically in my kitchen.

The result has been pretty great so far. I don’t have tons of empirical evidence to prove that they work, but I just feel it. The constant visual reminder of my goals and the things that I want somehow pushes me in those four areas. There have been advances in lots of ares such as travel and money, some advances in cooking, and even in my personal relationships and self confidence.

I highly recommend this project. If anything, it’s fun to feel like a kid again and make collages from magazine pictures.

If you already have vision boards, how is it working for you?

2 thoughts on “Vision Boards

  1. You know, it’s funny- Jeremy and I were just looking at the vision board I made over a year ago and realized I need to make an updated one. Many of the things I put on there have come to fruition- for example getting pregnant/having a baby, Jeremy getting an internship/job, moving into a beautiful new home, and getting out of debt. We aren’t out of the hole yet but are making great strides. I know I have decreased it by about 20-25% each of the past two years. Once he graduates and gets his salary increase we will be completely out in less than a year. Well, except maybe for his student loan debt which has yet to sort of materialize. But still.
    The only thing I have on there that hasn’t worked out yet is travel- I have a map of germany and a picture of a castle as I’d love to go visit there sometime. But I have had my sights set on going back to Hawaii for our 5th wedding anniversary ever since we got married there. I can’t believe our 5th will be next April. I think I need to update our vision board to that, because that’s the first trip I’d like to take.

    Anyway, of course I believe they work. The mind is a very powerful thing. I think I’ll work on another board and do a post about it. Thanks for the idea. 😉

    • I knew you would have a great story to tell. I think you are completely right about the power of the mind. I think that trip to Hawaii sounds so nice! Can’t believe it’s been almost five years 🙂

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