It's that special time of year

Tax time!

Okay, I know a lot of people hate tax time and I don’t blame them. First, paying taxes is never fun, even though it goes toward making our country a better place. Second, the preparation is annoying, and the filing, and the math, all icky.

For me, I personally like it because I get a decent refund. People hate to hear this, understandably, but I like to remind them that I fork over at least a quarter of my pay check each month. So it’s not like I don’t pay my very fare share.

Anyway, let’s not debate taxes, let’s talk about strategies to prepare them.

I personally love love love TurboTax online. If you have the ability to prepare and file your own taxes, I highly recommend this service. I’ve been using it for about five or six years now and even used it when I had a side business. I love how straight forward it is and how well it guides me. I personally cannot deal with filling out the forms on my own. I’m way too freaked out that I’m messing it up and that the IRS is going to hunt me down and cart me off to jail. I know that I’m such small potatoes that that would never happen, but still…I’m a lawyer’s daughter and I am forever trained to pay very close attention to paperwork.

My taxes are done and that makes me feel like a big girl.

February 2010

Do you have any tax advice to share, or a program you like to use?

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