D to the CLUTTER: 100 things update

We’ve heard from a few people that they are IN!

Remember, the rules are to get rid of 100 things by February 28.

And as we’re realizing, it’s a lot easier than we thought it would be.

  • Marissa cleaned out her closet and donated tons of old clothes. She believes she got her 100.
  • Rochelle only cleaned out her entertainment center and found 17 things to donate, and three things to return to friends. So this little challenge is also helping Rochelle improve her personal relationships as well 🙂
  • Amanda, another participant, has rocked this challenge inside and out on her own accord. This past weekend, she collected over 225 things to donate and there’s much more where that came from and much more to come as she continues to prepare for a big move and for a new baby.
  • Sheila is just getting started and excited!
January 2010

Less crap in Rochelle's entertainment center! Malarky is a terrible game...and Bounce was such a disappointment. Also..."After Sex" is a lame romantic comedy, so don't get be getting any dirty ideas!

We’re still looking for more participants, so shoot us an e-mail (sisters@thesimplesisters.com) or leave a comment.

One thought on “D to the CLUTTER: 100 things update

  1. Ok, I am in on this challenge! I promised to get rid of at least 100 things~whew not to hard for this packrat! Of course, I’ve always thought if I could sell everything I own for $1.00 each I would be a millionaire, so that makes it a little harder for me. Seriously, I cleaned out my utensil drawer in the kitchen and BINGO~pulled out 22 items that I had multiples of. Of course, shortly after gathering these items and taking them to the ARC….well I just had to shop while I was there and ended up buying 9 items. So, does that take away from my 22 that I got rid of? Michael and I are still downsizing after combining his 3800 sq. ft. house that was FULL of stuff and my much smaller house which had double his stuff! Anyway, pre Super Bowl I plan to clean out the bathroom closet, where I may reach the 100 item goal! Sheila

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