The Detox….

Hello world! This is my first post and it is to tell you about my week in hell a.k.a. my 7 day detox...But I think I should back up for a minute to give you some context. I just graduated, as Ro told you, exactly a month ago. I've never been a particularily healthy person, … Continue reading The Detox….


How to Help Haiti

Even though we're both working hard to save money and be better with personal finance, there's always money to give, especially in the wake of such a complete tragedy. We've donated to the Red Cross. Here's how you can help too: Donate $10 to the Red Cross to be charged to your cell phone bill … Continue reading How to Help Haiti

Happy New Year…let's get this party started

Okay, okay. The fun party is over. Our money's gone, our jeans are too tight, and our apartments are more cluttered than ever. Thank heavens January is finally here and we can get started. First things first-- Just ripe from graduating, Marissa is on the job hunt. She'll also be doing a week long detox … Continue reading Happy New Year…let's get this party started