The Detox….

Hello world! This is my first post and it is to tell you about my week in hell a.k.a. my 7 day detox…But I think I should back up for a minute to give you some context.

I just graduated, as Ro told you, exactly a month ago. I’ve never been a particularily healthy person, however, I have my moments. I’ve been vegetarian for eight years now, and I was Vegan for three of those years. I try to eat healthy- sometimes, but I also go through some bad ruts. For one, as a college student I was prone to eating copius amounts of fast food. Also as a college student-and highschool student, I was prone to copius amounts of  drinking, not only beer, wine and hard liquor but diet soda and caffiene. And as a wanna-be cool 14 year old I was prone to the worst of all habits- smoking.

I’m not a student anymore, so really there is no excuse to participate in said behavior. Time to be a big girl and cook from time to time, not guzzle 6 beers a night and quit the nastiest of habits- smoking cigarettes. 14 year old self thought the first time she picked up a cig “I’ll quit by the time I’m an adult”, well I’m almost 22 and no longer a student- I am no longer a kid, I’m officially an adult- or at least trying to be one. Thanks a lot past self for making current self quit smoking, I really appreciate how you wanted to fit in the with the older kids thus making me a raving lunatic with nicotine fits. Thanks a lot.

I had already quit smoking new years day, but my other habits were in tact, and I was worried about putting on a lot of weight because of quitting. So I thought new year, new decade, new chapter- I should do a detox, I’ll lose weight, nicotine will be out of my system and my liver that’s been abused through four years of college (kidding of course) will be cleansed. On January 8th I started my detox with the help of a $45 GNC kit that included 9 pills and a disgusting fiber blend to take each day of my week long cleanse. The cleanse called for severe diet changes: no bread, sugar, yeast, dairy, processed foods, additives, chemicals etc. So basically it was being vegan but harder because I could have no sugar at all. Obviously, it called for no caffiene, cigarettes or alcohol.

The food part was no problem for me at all, but everything else was quite hard. I love iced tea. I love beer and wine. And, I don’t love but am addicted to cigarettes. I got through the week though with out breaking the detox at all, even though I was tempted (mostly by smoking). I lost five pounds during the course of the week, which is fairly impressive and I enjoyed cooking. I’m really glad I did it, but now I’m trying to not go back to poor eating and drinking habits. I can admit I’ve gone back to caffeine with a new love for it. Unfortunately for PBR, I’ve realized that drinking will put on the pounds faster than anything else.

My diet looked something like this:

  • Wake-up: cup of soy yogurt with fresh berries in it
  • Snack: banana or apple or something
  • Dinner: brown rice cous-cous with grilled vegetable and tofu or tempeh (seasoned with a variety of vegan friendly sauces)
  • Snack: veggies with a little bit of peanut butter (I cheated there, but only a little bit)

Note that I’m unemployed and I sleep until at least 11 am everyday so my eating schedule is a bit off…But that’s another bad habit for another post.


How to Help Haiti

Even though we’re both working hard to save money and be better with personal finance, there’s always money to give, especially in the wake of such a complete tragedy.

We’ve donated to the Red Cross.

Here’s how you can help too:

And here’s the President’s remarks on the US Relief Effort.

Happy New Year…let's get this party started

Okay, okay. The fun party is over. Our money’s gone, our jeans are too tight, and our apartments are more cluttered than ever. Thank heavens January is finally here and we can get started.

First things first–

Just ripe from graduating, Marissa is on the job hunt. She’ll also be doing a week long detox (which should make her crabby as all hell).

Rochelle, just ripe from a decade of excess, is going to work on her financial situation (which should make her ridiculously desperate and scattered).

Should be fun!

(Not really…it’ll probably be ugly).

Maybe it will be funny?

(…that’s all we can hope for).