Every girl needs a drill

For Christmas, my mom got me and Marissa matching clocks. They say “Kensington Station” on them, so it’s a little reminder of a trip we took to London last fall.

So last weekend I finally got mine placed on the wall in my kitchen.

January 23 2010

I had a friend helping me out, and we got tools from my cute little pink toolset that I’ve been relying on for the past ten years. I got it for $5 at a local hardware store in Boulder (McGuckins for those in the know). I love the thing, but it’s limited of course! As he was talking me through what to do, I realized that a drill would make my life a little easier and I’d be much more willing to do projects and repairs around the house.

And when I think of drills, I think of  my old roommate in college. She had a sweet drill set, because her father owns a construction supply company. She had the very best Dewalt set money could buy. And man, she was great at stuff around the house. (Today she’s remodeling a house with her husband, so she’s using her skills well).

Anyway, it has occurred to me that if I want to be a big girl…I should have a drill.

I’ve got a birthday coming up….hint hint.

January 23 2010


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