The big 2-2

I am tagging this one in relationships, because it is about my relationship with myself.  I turn 22 tomorrow!

Everyone knows that 22nd birthdays are kind of no big. No big party, no big milestone, no big anything. For me, my 22nd birthday actually means a lot. It means growing up, it mean transitions, it means opening a new chapter. Remember being little and how you’d always have an age you like couldn’t wait to be? Well, usually my favorite age was 23- but sometimes it was 22! I’d imagine myself as a big girl and it- or rather I- was awesome.

As a child, I would be this beautiful actress dating Leonardo DiCaprio, internationally famous, living in Del Mar, California and  winning academy awards right and left. Little did I know, Leonardo DiCaprio wouldn’t age well at all.

As a 14 year old, I’d be a musician, and the little bit of guitar practice I did then would pay off as I toured with Bright Eyes and headlines Coachella. I’d have a cute boyfriend with whom I’d have an extremely dramatic relationship. Little did I know, I’d pretty much never pick up a guitar again after 15.

As a highschool student, I would be a college graduate working for some awesome publication writing music reviews. Maybe I’d live in New York, maybe still Denver. I’d be thin, have an awesome wardrobe, be financially okay and have a cute boyfriend. Most importantly, I’d be happy.  Obviously, expectations get lower the older you get. Little did I know, journalism would be a dying profession and the freshmen 10 isn’t a joke.

However, I think high school me would be okay with me now, some of those things did happen by the end of college.

For instance:

  • I have a cute, handsome, wonderful long-term boyfriend.

Mr. Escobedo and I

  • I did indeed graduate from college

    I actually made it through the Journalism School like a good little journalist.

  • I write for a well circulated publication, covering local music. See?
  • I have no picture for my wardrobe, but I think it’s great. I am addicted to shopping so it will never be all I want it to be but I have pieces I love, a variety of dresses, heals and boots, leather accessories, nice jeans, and coats I adore.
  • Most importantly, I am truly happy. I have people in my life I love. I think I’ve become a much better, more stand-able person since then, I’m not pretentious or trying to fit into any stereotype like I did then. I’m not wallowing in eemness (code for being emo) for the sake of being dramatic. I like what I like, am who I am- and I’m happy as this person.
  • Oh, and I quit smoking! Which as mentioned in a previous post was a goal of mine.

So, point is, I may not be the thinnest or coolest person in the world (in fact, I’ve gained weight and gotten more lame since high school), but I think high school me would be pretty proud of done with college, adult, 22-year-old me.

As for current goals, I think here are some attainable ways to see myself as a 23-year old:

  • Employed- leaving this open-ended
  • Living in a different apartment- this is a given, as my lease expires in in July.
  • About ten pounds lighter- most likely the goal that will be the hardest to actually attain.
  • A big girl- as in everything on this blog!! Specifically, good with finances, neat, cook a lot, not procrastinate, etc.
  • A better person- Obviously, everyone wants to be a better person. I specifically mean to not get upset over stupid things, like jealousy and to appreciate my relationships more.

I think it is also appropriate to write out a few of my larger goals to hit before 30 so that way when I do turn 30 I can be disappointed in myself for not reaching them.

  • Travel to Europe again. Perhaps spend a month there.
  • Live in a nice apartment or home with a big kitchen and at least two sinks, a patio and a spare room for the cats
  • Have a job I am okay with that pays decently.
  • Regularly have adult cocktails like mojitos and mai tais made out of expensive liquor because I’m an adult so I don’t buy PBR anymore.
  • Dress super classy and profesh.

Well anyway, hello new chapter, I’m excited for you! You and I are going to be great friends!

2 thoughts on “The big 2-2

  1. Marissa; You are truly an inspiration to your Mom (me)! Already you have accomplished many things (such as graduating from college) that I can only wish I had! Keep up the good work! You are beautiful, and I am so HAPPY that you quit smoking! Love, M

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