My menu for the week

I’ve been reading Jane Maynard’s blog “This Week For Dinner,” for a couple of months now. A dear friend linked me to it, and I’ve been grateful ever since. It’s great inspiration to do meal planning. I’ve been successful at it here and there, and the times that I do it, I am very happy.

I have a couple of challenges that deter me. Sometimes I’m feeding people, sometimes I’m not. It’s not always clear when I’m going to have people here to feed. On weekends, it tends to be a little more clear, but during the week it’s up in the air. Sometimes there’s kids here, sometimes it’s Marissa, who is vegetarian.

Another challenge, assuming I’m on my own is meal planning for one and still making it seem worth it. I could easily eat a bowl of cereal and call it good. But the benefit of cooking at home spreads far. It means I have YUMMY leftovers for lunch at work, and that’s important. I’m just not a sandwich gal. I try to be that person, but I am not enthused and then I am easily convinced to eat out with friendly co-workers that eat out every day.

That being said, I’m going to try and commit to meal planning and just deal with the challenges as they come. If I have to cook for more, or if these special people are  here on a night when I plan leftovers or breakfast, I’ll just have to readjust on the fly.

So without further ado, here’s my menu for January 24 – January 30.

Sunday: Chicken Marsala
Monday: Calzones
Tuesday: Breakfast for dinner
Wednesday: Bean Burritos
Thursday: Mac ‘N Cheese (like Noodles & CO. I found a recipe that is much like it.)
Friday: Out
Saturday: Leftovers

My shopping list is pretty light for the menu:

-Half and half
-Monterey Jack cheese
-Parmesan cheese
-1 lb. Chicken, tender cut
-Elbow noodles

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