The Clean Up: In Pictures

As I talked about in my last post, I spent a good chunk of my three day weekend cleaning the house.

Some things were highly overdue…

Like cleaning the down stairs cat box. It had gotten so bad, that my best bet was to just buy a new cat box. That’s a great example of how not having a cleaning routine can cost money.

MLK Weekend 2010

Marissa photographs me before going in to the cat box zone.

And some things I had never even considering cleaning…

Like my spice rack.

MLK Weekend 2010

Who'd have guessed? Oh that's right, probably lots of people.

And I did some good deep cleaning on things like…

My microwave.

MLK Weekend 2010


MLK Weekend 2010


And the effect is wonderful….

MLK Weekend 2010

The kitchen!

I’m so excited to cook!

MLK Weekend 2010

A clean sink. The soul of the kitchen.

MLK Weekend 2010

Actually deep cleaned the stove top last weekend, but shined it up. It gets messy in a week!

MLK Weekend 2010

Living room, with Persephone.

And so excited to lounge.

MLK Weekend 2010

De-furred couches.

There are still some cluttered spots down stairs that I need to take care of. Maybe next weekend or on one of the week nights!

MLK Weekend 2010

Above the fridge. Lots of random stuff. And I have no idea what's in those cabinets.

MLK Weekend 2010

Knitting station.

MLK Weekend 2010

Baskets o'books and mail. Callie the cat models.


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