Every girl needs a drill

For Christmas, my mom got me and Marissa matching clocks. They say "Kensington Station" on them, so it's a little reminder of a trip we took to London last fall. So last weekend I finally got mine placed on the wall in my kitchen. I had a friend helping me out, and we got tools … Continue reading Every girl needs a drill


100 Things De-Clutter Challenge

I've heard of this challenge in two different flavors... 1. Clean out your house, so that you only own 100 things. ...and (the much easier) 2. Clean out your house and get rid of 100 things. I feel fairly certain that I could never do the first challenge. More like, I don't think I'd ever … Continue reading 100 Things De-Clutter Challenge

Three Day Weekend Clean Up Overview

First, and foremost...today is Martin Luther King Jr. day and it's definitely a day to celebrate and remember his contributions and principles. I happened to read an MLK quotation today that I thought was quite good, particularly in this time of tragic circumstances in Haiti,"Life's most persistent and urgent question is: what are you doing … Continue reading Three Day Weekend Clean Up Overview